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「The Fall」 - The film tells stories about hair, wig, the relationship between human beings and the feeling of desire in modern society.  By the end of the century hairstyles became higher and more elaborate constructions in which quantities of false hair were used to supplement the wearer's own. Today’s breadth of mass culture favors human hair wigs because they have ma greater ability to be styled. As the ads claim, you “can be a different person every day.”
Hair is the only thing we can easily remove from our body and turn into an ordinary product.  The value of wigs and hair have become high because of people's desire to become beautiful. The desire for wigs, real or artificial is a desire for beauty, adornment, social status, protection from the sun, for religious and political reasons, wigs for the stage, wigs to cover baldness.  

「The Fall 」-在世纪末的时候头发就已经被写入人类文化的新篇章,在今天大众文化的影响下头发的可塑性与功能性不断被扩大,同时头发是唯一一个可以从身体轻松取下变成商品的东西,头发的价值也因需求量变大而不断变高..., 短片以一个头发的故事作为引入来探讨当代社会语境下头发与欲望的关系,短片入选2017年戛纳70周年国际电影节短片角单元以及多个国际电影节,艺术节。


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